Reset, Recover and Rejuvenate with Vital Cryotherapy

One of the best ways to take care of yourself takes less than 10 minutes; get an easy, efficient, and effective boost with cutting-edge technology at Vital Cryotherapy! 

Treat yourself to a cryotherapy session at Vital Cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy, is a short, hyper-cooling (-165 degrees Celsius or -265 degrees Fahrenheit) treatment that has a bounty of benefits! It decreases inflammation of injuries and chronic musculoskeletal diseases, manages pain, improves athletic performance, reduces signs of aging, speeds up the base metabolic rate, and boosts your mood and energy levels! Through Vital Cryotherapy’s use of innovative technology and individualized treatment protocols, Vital Cryotherapy is dedicated to leveraging cryo in the most effective ways possible for you!

Vital Cryotherapy sessions are incredibly beneficial for your physical health!

Sessions at Vital Cryotherapy take no time at all; it is a three-minute session in the cryotherapy booth, and the total appointment takes less than fifteen minutes, granting you instant relief and allowing you to continue on with your busy day! ​​Cryotherapy is the most advanced version of cold exposure therapy, and it's much more comfortable than an ice bath or cold shower, while amplifying traditional cold therapy benefits! Sessions are completely dry (it uses supercooled air) so you don't have to worry about getting wet! One of Vital Cryotherapy’s main goals is to decrease recovery time, an aspect of health and fitness often neglected. Whether it’s from an injury or a chronic condition, their goal is to allow anyone to recover quickly and excel in training, workouts, and day-to-day activities

Cryotherapy sessions also have benefits for one’s mental health!

Vital Cryotherapy boosts your mood and energy levels, and gives you the energy and ability to do more and be more! Whether your focus is on your body, mind or career, they aim to help you unlock more of yourself by supporting your physical and mental health! They have facilitators for each guest that comes in and they will guide you during the session, so there’s nothing to worry about! They do this to allow people to get the most out of their session, and make sure you’re calm and comfortable!

Cryotherapy is for everyone, not just athletes or celebrities!

One of the assumptions that Vital Cryotherapy aims to correct is that cryotherapy is only for celebrities and athletes. While it has been endorsed by LeBron James and Kim Kardashian, as both have used it to take care of their body and face, the service is affordable and accessible for everybody; in fact, most clients are normal people that have office jobs and want a quick way to reset, recover and rejuvenate themselves mentally and physically! You can get the same treatment as the stars without spending like one!

Get the most out of your body and mind through Vital Cryotherapy

With instant physical rewards and mental health benefits, all in a time-efficient and affordable session, Vital Cryotherapy is the best way to take care of yourself! Now, you can save even more on this treatment: book a session using our coupon code TODOTORONTO to get 15% off packages or get a free session if you sign up for a membership! Visit their website now for more information, follow them on Instagram to see customer testimonials, and get ready to reset, recover, and rejuvenate with Vital Cryotherapy!

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