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Founded in 2016, Todotoronto has quickly emerged as the #1 source for things to do in Toronto! With content being uploaded daily to our Instagram, TikTok, and website, we are constantly looking for the latest and greatest things to do in this city.

We work closely with local businesses, creators, and event planners to give our audience the inside scoop on the hottest events and spots, while also working with national and international partners for upcoming activities and occurrences. Additionally, we plan and host events that draw in thousands of guests for memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including our famous Bar and Club Crawls!

With over half a million followers combined across our social media platforms and a reach that extends to millions of accounts on Instagram, we are your best choice for a partnership to bring attention to your business; our team works with you to carefully curate content to your needs and desires, and delivers top-quality final products!

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We are the #1 source focused on things to do in Toronto with over 500k followers on Instagram. Do you want to grow your brand and gain new customers? Learn more about our services below and send us a message!

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Traditional slam dunk posts to maximize reach through posts and giveaways.
Showcase how your clients can experience your product or service through video.
Need a lot of buzz in a short amount of time? Consider influencer media events!
Help rank #1 on Google with quality backlinks and content.
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