This bar in Toronto serves Asian-inspired tapas and cocktails

When you want somewhere to enjoy a drink, but also want to enjoy food but not a whole meal, tapas bars are exactly what you're looking for. This bar in Toronto serves Asian-inspired tapas and cocktails and is a great low-key Toronto spot to grab a drink and snack on some delicious food.

Photo by Hector Vasquez

The Opium Bar is an Asian-inspired cocktail and snack bar that you can find on Dundas St. West and is one of the newest additions to the Little Portugal community. The interior is decorated with red lights, red lanterns, and many other Asian-inspired designs bringing all the vibes together. The restaurant is also very snug creating a more intimate dining experience.

Many of the Asian-inspired cocktails you'll find here such as 'The Opium', a cocktail coming with smoke and mystery ingredients, are completely unique to The Opium Bar making the experience like nothing else you've experienced before. This spot is open late into the night going as late as 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays so there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy their food and cocktails. Their kitchen is open until 12 AM on weekdays and 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays serving their delicious snacks. Some of the bar's most popular dishes include their popcorn chicken and signature beef dumplings.

If you're looking for a great low-key spot in Toronto with Asian-inspired tapas and cocktails, The Opium Bar is going to be the perfect place for you. It's an amazing spot to come to with a couple friends and drink and snack on great food going late into the night. If you're also looking for a nice place to watch the Toronto Raptors play their playoff games this season, they regularly play the Raptor's games on their big projectors!

Cover photo by Hector Vasquez

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