3 restaurants to check out this weekend [April 23-25]

There's so many amazing restaurants offering delicious food in the city that its often hard to settle on one or a couple places to go.  Here's 3 restaurants to check out this weekend.

Beast Pizza

Photo by Daniel Neuhaus

Beast pizza is a restaurant that puts out a very unique interpretation on what the pizza dining experience should be.  Rather than simply offering pizzas like your typical cheese or pepperoni, they have pizza pies that come topped with oysters, pickles, and even beef tongue.  If that wasn't already impressive and interesting, they also offer full-sized black truffle pizza pies.  They've got an absolutely awesome looking bar and sitting area and offer a large variety craft beer and wines to enjoy with your food.  


Photo by Fareen Karim

If you're looking for lively spots to grab food and drinks at check out this Asian-themed bar in Koreatown.  This spot plays a lot of hip-hop and RnB tracks and their red and blue lighting gives the spot a cool underground look so if that's your vibe you'll love this place. The restaurant/bar serves a lot of Asian-style tapas including Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Hong Kong inspired chicken wings, and even Unagi.  Drinks roll out until around 11 PM - 12 AM so you can enjoy drinks with your food late into the night.  

Jumi Gozen Bar

Photo by Fareen Karim

Sushi lovers will definitely appreciate this one.  Jumi Gozen Bar serves gozen-style dishes which are composed of fish or meat accompanied by delicious side dishes.  The interiors of the bar are very clean and minimalistic with a couple Japanese accents sprinkled into features like their bar and the art they display.  The gozen experience for a single person can be quite pricey coming in at around $98, but its an experience you likely won't ever forget.  

Regardless of which one of these restaurants you check out this weekend, you really can't go wrong with any of them.  They all put out good vibes and absolutely amazing food.  There's your 3 restaurants to check out this weekend, happy eating Toronto!  

Cover photo by @gspotfoodie

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