Supercar Experiences

Todotoronto helped Supercar Experiences go viral, reaching over 200k Unique Users

About supercar experiences

Supercar Experiences offers Canadians a unique experience of touring local roads in supercars. They feature exotic car tours, track racing and rentals. Located at 1058 South Service Road East, in Oakville Ontario. From individual to experienced drivers, they offer an experience geared to your comfort level

The Challenge

Supercar Experiences was looking to generate brand awareness about their tour service offering. They also wanted to showcase the experience that they offer. With the end of fall, Supercars Experiences wanted to maximize the amount of exposure that they could get in the last 2 months before the Winter season.

We utilized our platform through a TikTok and reel post with appealing visuals, trendy music and relevant hashtags and then execute on a giveaway and stories to maximize exposure.

"This was an amazing experience getting to partner up with them! The giveaway has brought in a ton of quality followers with Toronto demographic. The girls that shoot for TikTok are super professional and got our content done on time. They are keen on getting everything right. Loved working with TodoToronto's team. I highly recommend them!"

Saad Khan, Owner of Supercars Experiences

The Result

After a successful Tiktok/Reel campaign, we immediately launched the giveaway for a 1 hour tour valued at $329. Building off of the hype of the videos, the giveaway hit it out of the park.

200k+ Unique Accounts Reached

1000+ Saves + Bookmarks

500+ Followers Gained for Client


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