Riverside Oasis Farm

This campaign was successful because todotoronto spent the time understanding our needs and the important features to highlight in our farm.


Riverside Oasis Farm is a small hobby farm and unique glamping destination in Niagara. Located close to Lake Erie and Wine Country, they offer a relaxing experience, enjoying the farm life with nature and animals.


Riverside Oasis Farm was looking to generate awareness to their location and the experience they offer. In order to meet these needs, we created a custom reel/tiktok to showcase the experience. We also ran a giveaway post in order to generate more customers and sales.

"We had an excellent experience working with todotoronto...The results were truly amazing. We were able to generate 50 reservations and pretty much filled our winter calendar and exceeded expectations. We can’t speak highly enough of the volume generated and news leads we have seen to our site. The return on investment was more than 10x the amount we spent with todotoronto and we highly recommend businesses to work with them for future campaigns. We look forward to working with them in the near future."

Assyl & Michael Carlton, Owners at Riverside Oasis Farm

The Result

We created a custom TikTok/Instagram Reel to build hype and then ran a giveaway of a night stay at the resort. Across Tiktok and Instagram Reels, it was a very successful campaign reaching over 100k+ people in Toronto and the GTA.

150k+ Unique Accounts Reached

1600 Giveaway Participants

10,000+ Interactions



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